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General Information

Studying with a child is not easy, but also not impossible.

The Studentenwerk Freiberg tries to support soon-to-be mothers, fathers and young families to the best of its ability. The social counselling service is therefore your first point of contact. Here you will first find an open ear for your changed life situation.

We provide you with an overview of all questions that may arise during pregnancy and after the birth of the child:

  • What financial support do I receive?
  • Am I entitled to social benefits?
  • Parental leave: yes or no?
  • What deadlines do I have to meet and where do I have to apply for what?

The social counselling service of the Studentenwerk Freiberg can provide you with important information on

  • child benefit
  • parental benefit
  • maternity protection periods
  • leave of absence
  • other social assistance and support
  • living with a child
  • childcare

Counselling is provided for both German and foreign students.

Your contact person

Boeck, Diana
Sozialberatung & Härtefonds des DSW e.V.
Phone:  03731 383202 03731 383202
Fax: 03731 383102
Büro Sozialberatung (1. OG), Petersstraße 5, 09599 Freiberg
ODER Beratungscenter (EG), Wohnhaus 3, Am Schwanenteich 8, 09648 MW
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