Internationales ©Joerg Kleinschmidt von

No matter in which country of the world: On holiday nobody will see the real life. Tourists are fooled into a world that doesn't exist that way. No wonder, after all, they paid to be well entertained.

However, if you really want to experience the differences in cultures that exist in distant countries compared to your own, how traditional food smells and tastes, which dances are danced and what you laugh about, you need to stay longer in that country, for example for a study or internship stay.

After watching and getting to know the inhabitants, the culture and the country itself you know what foreign students do: they have embarked on a journey to get to know us, our culture and food in addition to their studies. They often didn't know what to expect and many will have left with a fearful heart.

Let us help them to quickly gain a foothold and understand our country. Let us reach out to them for friendship. Because those who understand each other well, build bridges of friendship.