Internet access


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Internet access

For all tenants of our housing complexes we offer free internet access - the fast web of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg respectively the web of the Hochschule Mittweida.

All of our apartments have an internet connection, but the access needs to be granted by an administrator.

There are several administrators for our housing complexes, which are doing the clearing and the assistance. All Administrators are also students.



The registration will be handed over by your responsible person in the office parallel to the preparation of your rental agreements. With the filled and signed form you need to go to the responsible administrator (look at the black board or at please). There you will find all necessary information and descriptions.



You can find the application at Please give the filled in, printed and signed form to your responsible person at the MCN. If you want to know who is responsible, ask in the administration or look at the black boards or check the website above. There you will find all necessary information.