Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a student hall of residence?

You can look up our Regulations for the use of student halls of residence

Enrolled students (inclusive preparation courses) from the both educational institutions: Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg and Hochschule Mittweida are authorized to live in one of the student halls of residence of the Studentenwerk Freiberg.

For signing the rental contract, a certificate of enrollment must be submitted.

When and how can I apply for a student hall of residence?

Please use the website “Online application” and fill up the form. For the application you do not need to upload the certificate of enrollment, but when you sign your rental contract, your valid certificate of enrollment is required.


The earlier you submit the online application, the bigger chance you could get one of the apartments. We can match your wishes better.

What are the conditions to get a place in one of the halls of residence?

The allocation follows our Regulations for the use of student halls of residence. We prioritise them in the sequence of submission of Online-applications by Studentenwerk Freiberg and other priorities you can see the following points:

  • international first-year students who are disadvantaged on the open housing market
  • handicapped and chronically ill students, Studentenwerk Freiberg will take priority for them
  • students in a difficult personal situation
  • students with a child
  • students, especially freshmen in their first-year study, who are not able to reach their hometown by public transport

When and how will I be informed about the allocation of accommodation?

After receiving your application of accommodation, you will get "confirmation of application" from us by Email.

Roughly from 3 months before the beginning of semester, you will receive an offer of accommodation or further information according to the sequence of submission of applications. For choosing the tenants, we follow the date of entrance of your application and some special rules.  If you have not received any further information one month before the start of your studies, please inform us whether you are still interested in accommodation.

How are the rooms equipped?

In our apartments all rooms are furnished and equipped with bed, wardrobe, desk, bookshelf and a chair. Fridge and cooking facilities are available in the kitchens.

The following items are not part of the basic equipment:

  • Bedding materials (Pillow, Blanket and bed linen) – International students can buy them from us by Studentenwerk Freiberg. Please see the prices fee regulations at the Scales of Charge
  • Pots and dishes
  • small electrical kitchen appliances, such as microwave, kettle, coffee maker, etc.

 Please ask our staff if you need anything. They will try to help you.

What is included in the rental price?

Our rental price ist complete rent, everything is included: basic equipment furniture, water, electricity,  heating, internet, TV (cable connection) and of course the basic rent itself.

There are no other additional rent payment.

The use of washing machine and dryer in our laundries must be paid separtely on the spot.

The rent for a parking space, which rented from us, is not included in the room rent. Therefore you have a speperate parking contract. 

The radio fee is NOT included in room rent. You have to pay this by yourself to the competent authority (ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice).

Here is our Scales of Charges. 

What is the purpose of deposit?

The deposit as security, which must be paid before completing the rental contract. The deposit is a guarantee for us, it could cover the cost of damages/defechts which caused by tenant.

If there is no defects or similar found by room checking when you move out of our accommodation, the deposit will be refunded in 6 weeks after ending rental contract. If there are problems with your room, the refunding deposit might take longer time, roughly in 6 months.

But the deposit will not be refunded in cash.

Here is our Schedule of fees:


Can I have a look at one/my room before moving in?

We establish our rental contract always from beginning to end of semester. The current tenant is still living in our accommodation, that´s why your future room cannot be visited in advance.

Therefore we have put great efforts to present our different types of rooms on our Internet pages, including the equipped furniture.

Can I park my car near the housing area?

In generally there are enough free parking possibilities near the residential complexes.

The Studentenwerk Freiberg has also available parking spots to rent. If you have interest to rent a parking space, please contacht our staff, we can offer you a parking space with contract, if there are free parking spaces available.

Please look up our prices for parking spots at the Scales of Charges.

When can I complete my rental contract?

When you get the confirmation and you have paid the security deposit, we will send you your rental agreement via Email. Now you just have to

  • Sign the contract
  • Give us your certificate of enrolement and
  • Give us your correspondent bank including the acceptance for the SEPA Direct Debit

Please send all this filled and signed forms to us. After we checked all the details you will get a signed contract back.

There is the possibility to bring all the forms directly to us to sign the contract.

How long is the rental contract generally limited?

Our accommodation is initially allocated for a maximum of the regular study duration, at least for one semester (an additional charge will be caculated with monthly rent, if the rental period is less than two semesters).

Extensions are possible in certain cases in accordance with General Rental Conditions for Residence Halls of Freiberg Student Service.

An application for extension of your rental contract must be submitted in time (3 month before the end of your rental contract).

When can I move in? Can I get the keys some days earlier?

The earliest day to move in is the starting date of rental contract.

Our rental contract always starts from beginning of semester and ends till end of semester. There is the current tenant still living in your future apartment till end of each semester. 

Can I move if I don´t like my room after moving in?

If you don´t like your room or you wanna to live with someone in another apartment, you can apply for a room changing one month after your moving-in.

Am I allowed to sublet my apartment?

Tenants which are not in Freiberg/Mittweida for an internship a certain term, are allowed to sublet their apartment to another student. The sublet is in maximum possible for one semester. When you sublet your room you don't need to terminate your apartment, so you will have a place to live when you are back from your internship and you will save the money for your rent.

Please notice: It is important that the person you sublet your apartment needs to be a student as well and must show us his or her certificate of enrollment.

It is important to know that the rental payment will be debited from your account (the account of the main tenant) and you have to make an extra agreement with your subtenant how he or she pays the rental payment to you.

Do I have to pay the “Rundfunkbeitrag” (Regarding Broadcast Services) in the housing complexes?

Yes, you have to! Please do not ignore this letters.

In Germany each domestic home has to pay for that. People, that get “BAföG” have the possibility to avoid the payment, all the other students have to pay.

Further information you can find here.