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mensaVital stands for

  • nutritionally balanced composition of ingredients
  • vitamin-protecting and low-fat preparation
  • use of high-quality fats and oils
  • our contribution to "5 a day" (5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day)
  • careful food selection ( whole grain products, pulses, nuts, lean meat, crunchy coloured vegetables)   
  • with the daily offer fish, meat, vegan and vegetarian dishes are provided in a well-balanced ratio
  • no fried and breaded meals
  • avoidance of heavily processed foodstuffs
  • fresh and natural ingredients
  • no aromas or flavour enhancers are used
  • use of fresh herbs instead of spice mixtures
  • creative recipes
  • combination of regional and international cooking influences

Your contact person

Poppe, Holger
Head of students Catering Departement
Phone:  03731 383340 03731 383340
Agricolastraße 10 A, 09599 Freiberg
Weststraße 11, 09648 Mittweida