Our day nursery

Our house

The completely renovated building is located on Hornmühlenweg 4, less than a 3-minute walk from the campus, in the middle of a large, spacious garden with shade-giving trees and screening shrubs that invite you to play hide-and-seek and build a booth. The children can play to their heart's content, train their agility, embark on adventures and experience nature up close.

The Kita complex consists of three parts

It consists of a crèche and a kindergarten area with its own sanitary and wet rooms, an area with a multipurpose room, office, kitchen, workshop and warehouse.

The nursery has a capacity of 60 places:

  • crèche area: 22 children aged 0.4 to 3 years
  • Kindergarten area: 38 children from 3 to 7 years

    Directly in front of the southwest side of the building is a terrace area which is accessible from all group rooms. This area can be completely protected from intense sunlight by awnings. If the weather is suitable, most of the day's activities (except at bedtime) take place on this terrace and in the adjacent garden.

    Our garden

    The garden is divided into two areas: one for the nursery children and one for kindergarten children. Lawns, sandy areas and a scooter track offer the children various possibilities to play.

    The outdoor area of the Kita includes a play and climbing castle, spring bouncers, a seesaw, sandboxes, willow igloo, table and bench groups, which provide children with a variety of possible activities. In a heaped slope a walkable earth tunnel invites to crawl through. The children can experience water and mud up close while playing on the mud track with watercourse and pump.

    In addition, there are mobile toys to choose from. For the storage of the garden toys two garden houses are available.

    We have created a herb bed as well as flower and vegetable beds with the children to be able to experience the environment and nature. These are maintained and harvested by the children themselves.

    Your contact person

    Geißler, Kristin
    Leiterin, Kita Hornmühlenweg
    Phone:  03731 - 383 206 03731 - 383 206
    Hornmühlenweg 4
    09599 Freiberg

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