Hornmühlenweg Konzeption

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"The play of the child is the bridge to fulfilment" (Bruno Bettelheim)


The game is the child's very own form of expression and is...

  • the most elementary stage of learning.
  • an activity, a form of interaction of the child with objects and persons of his environment.

The game has a beneficial effect on the development of the personality.

The game

The game is very important in our facility. In the generous room layout, which is freely accessible to all children, the children can gather a wide variety of experiences, which they can integrate into their play.

The children are given plenty of time to play individually or together. The teachers support the children by taking up and expanding learning topics in initiated games. The children are thus given the opportunity to deal intensively with their environment over a period of time of their own choosing and to acquire knowledge at an individual pace. Great importance is placed on the individual game as well as on playing together and making social contacts and friendships. In order to promote social interaction, various functionally designed learning areas offer a variety of possibilities.

For example, the children have at their disposal a wide range of possibilities, including doll's corners, masquerade boxes, building corners, platforms, a sensory room, a reading and creative room, as well as a large foyer in which they can set up movement construction sites, dance and play music. From the themes that the children deal with in the game over a longer period of time, the educators develop specific pedagogical offers that are preceded by precise observation.

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