Let's start our tour through our house at this point

We enter our day nursery through the main entrance and find ourselves in the entrance area with carriage parking spaces. Here our nursery is divided into the following areas:

Multi-purpose area

Crèche area

Kindergarten area

Multi-purpose area

A bright and light-flooded large room awaits us. Here the children can take part in musical and physical activities. But it is also an ideal adventure site for daily play and the individual creation of movement-building sites.

At festivals and events it is often used as a theatre or fairytale stage or as a creative workshop.

Sensory and perceptual room

Now we first go into the "mouse area" and stand in the sensory and perceptual space of our crèche children. The children's senses are stimulated by different material and motoric walls. The large cuddly platform and a hanging swing invite you to relax and feel good.

The wardrobe, which adjoins the sensory room, is also the passageway to the large outdoor area.

Play and education room

For children's activities, such as games and daily activities, the children will find a variety of possibilities in a bright play and education room. This room has something interesting for every child in the age group from 4 months to 3 years.


In the newly designed bedroom, each child finds his or her own individual way of resting for a midday nap.

We now leave the "Mäuschenbereich" on our tour and come through our multi-purpose room into the kindergarten to our "beetles".

Literature room

Now we are in the "beetle area", which has a lot to offer for our kindergarten children.

Firstly we have a comfortable reading area where we can browse through books of all categories. CD's with free access invite you to listen and relax.

Creativ room

For experimenting, painting, handicrafts and handling tools and various materials, the children can freely use the adjacent creative room with easel and workbench. The creative room supports the realisation of some children's ideas.

The sanitary and wet areas are adjacent.

Play, education and experience room

We enter the two interconnected large, bright play, education and experience rooms of the "beetles", which are also used functionally for eating and sleeping. The building corner, the puppet and kitchen corner, rule games, thinking and logic games, theatre and cuddle corner offer a variety of activities for the game.

This area is followed by the wardrobe and is at the same time the direct transition to the outdoor playground. In front of each group room there is a terrace, which is also accessible from the play and adventure rooms.

Mud room

On the way back we arrive in the multi-purpose room again and have a look into our "mud room". Experimenting and learning by doing is very important. Here the children can try out how to handle water and deal with mathematical and physical processes.

Your contact person

Schrenk, Sabine
Kita-Leiterin (Hornmühle) und Praxisanleiterin
Phone:  03731 383206 03731 383206
Fax: 03731 383102

News & Aktuelles aus Freiberg

Die Online-Bewerbung für das Aufstiegsstipendium – die Studienförderung für Berufserfahrene ist ab sofort wieder möglich. Studieninteressierte und Studierende können sich bis zum 2. Dezember um ein Aufstiegsstipendium bewerben.

Das Förderprogramm des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung unterstützt Fachkräfte mit Berufsausbildung und mehrjähriger Praxiserfahrung bei einem Hochschulstudium bis zum ersten akademischen Abschluss. Weitere Informationen unter www.aufstiegsstipendium.de

Bewerbungen sind bereits vor Beginn des Studiums und bis zum Ende des zweiten Semesters möglich. Jährlich werden über 1.000 Aufstiegsstipendien vergeben.

Im September wurde zudem die monatliche Förderung von 815 Euro auf 933 Euro bei einem Vollzeitstudium erhöht. Für berufsbegleitend Studierende ist die Förderung von 2.400 Euro auf 2.700 Euro im Kalenderjahr gestiegen. Die Leistungen sind eine Pauschale und einkommensunabhängig.