Our concept is based on the requirements of the Saxon educational plan. The educators create a stimulating world of learning and experience.


Our children discover and experience together. We experience the external environment through our senses:

  • We hear
  • We see
  • We feel
  • We taste
  • We smell

Well being

Recurring rituals, a regular daily routine and the alternation of rest and tension are adapted to the needs of the children, e.g.

  • daily morning circle
  • daily water application in the kindergarten
  • weekly a jointly produced snack


Children's questions are welcome! Various projects arouse the curiosity of the children. They explore and experiment on their own:

Curiosity and enthusiasm are essential keys to a positive approach to science and technology. Fun and enjoyment in research and experimentation are just as important as the general development of our children's skills. For us, there is always something to discover and explore. Whether in the garden or in the group rooms, in spring, summer, autumn or winter - we always find natural phenomena that are explained to us or whose origin we find out ourselves.

  • Why does a blotting paper absorb water?
  • How big is the universe?
  • How do plants grow? and
  • Why do lemons taste sour?
  • What is wind?

These are just some of the questions our children ask us.

Social Contact

Trust and participation are the foundations for the development of social skills. Important for us are among others:

  • Mutual consideration
  • Getting to know and complying with rules and standards
  • Rituals as a means of shaping common life

This gives the children safety.

Sebastian Kneipp

Work according to the holistic health concept of Sebastian Kneipp

What is special about the Kneipp health concept is the harmonious interplay of the five elements life rhythm - water - exercise - nutrition - herbs.

Your contact person

Thurecht, Heike
Leiterin, Erzieherin, Praxisanleiterin, Kneipp-Gesundheitserzieherin, Naturpädagogin, Kinder-Yoga Übungsleiterin
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Neubert, Caroline
Ständige Vertretung, Erzieherin, Heilpädagogische Zusatzqualifikation, Kneipp-Gesundheitserzieherin, Praxisanleiterin
Phone:  03731 383205 03731 383205
Fax: 03731 383102
Winklerstraße 10
09599 Freiberg