English Workshop Schreibarbeit

You are about to author a term paper, seminar paper, bachelor thesis? “I can easily manage” is not your first thought now though? 

Scientific writing requires profound knowledge, a clear objective, comprehensible structure, and reasonable results.

Composing texts means even more. It is all about engaging in a dialogue with the scientific community you want to address.

How will I successfully manage to write in a convincing way, to attract the reader and to make them curious for more? What are my personal strengths and weaknesses in writing and what is more, how may I improve my personal writing style?

This workshop will offer you tools for advancing your writing in a sustainable way.

It is composed of a kick-off seminar (3 hours, in class) and four online sessions (2 hours).

Moreover, you will be offered the chance to rework parts of your papers and get individual feedback on them on a weekly basis.

Be part of it!


From Saturday 04.03.2023, then weekly on Wednesdays (08.03.; 15.03.; 22.03.; 29.03.)

Max Kade room, Winklerstraße 12, then online.

Registration at: tinyurl.com/englishschreiben

If the price of 25€ is too big a hurdle for you, get in touch at psb@swf.tu-freiberg.de , we'll find a solution!