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With the advancing europeanization and globalization of the working world, a semester abroad or an internship is no longer an extra, but something that your future employer will expect from a candidate with a university degree.


In order to simplify the planning of a stay abroad, the International Universitätszentrum (IUZ) Freiberg and the the International Office Mittweida offer numerous information material and advise on specific concerns and questions.

In addition, during the semester, information sessions are held monthly on the topic of "study abroad and internships" as well as special events with invited speakers on various topics.

Information on study opportunities and programs, on events and on contact persons can be found on the homepage of the universities.

BAföG abroad

Often a sponsorship according to BAföG is possible. However, since you can't simply take along the sponsorship that is provided in Germany, you should definetly seek advice from the Studentenwerk in advance!

Cancel rental contract?

Depending on how long you go abroad, the question is what will happen with your room. As long as the rent contract is valid, rent must be paid and abroad will be a second rent.


In the case of stays abroad up to one semester, it is definitely advisable to look for a subtenant. He doesn't enter your rental contract, but the room is sublet to him.

Warning!!! You should definitely get the permission of the landlord in time. Unauthorized subletting of your room can be a reason for the canceling of youzr contract. The Studentenwerk can be quite uncomplicated, but a visit with the responsible person is still necessary.

Registration office

The same deadline (2 weeks) also applies for the deregistration, so if you change your apartment within Germany or go back to your home country.

All information can be obtained from the citizen authorities of Freiberg and Mittweida.

Insurance abroad

Please inform yourself which insurance you need in the country you want to go to.

A conversation with the responsible person of the insurance company is highly recommended.