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You have decided to study in Germany? That's very nice, we shout you a warm "Welcome!".

To make your start of studies a little easier, we have put together a few topics that may intrest you.

Studying in Freiberg and Mittweida

Everything you need to know about studying in Freiberg and Mittweida can be found on the homepages of your future university.

The Internationale Universitätszentrum "Alexander von Humboldt" in Freiberg (short: IUZ) or the International Office in Mittweida (short: AAA) have all information collected for you which are important before and during your studies.

Housing at the Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk operates in Freiberg about 1000 and in Mittweida about 500 apartments. If you would like to find your new home in one of our residential complexes, you should apply early.

Everything you need to know about living at the Studentenwerk can be found on our homepage.


As a foreign citizen you need to register your apartment/yourself at the registration office in germany within two weeks. ID or passport and the rental contract need to be shown.

The same deadline also applies for the deregistration, so if you change your apartment within Germany or go back to your home country.

All information can be obtained from the citizen authorities of Freiberg and Mittweida.

BAföG for foreign students

Normally foreign students aren't entitled to BAfÖG - the German version of student financing. But there are also exceptions.

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible for this type of funding, please let our colleagues of the BAföG office advise you.