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Finally studying... but mum doesn't cook anymore! No problem - from now on we, the Studentenwerk Freiberg, are here for you. The kitchen teams provide a varied and balanced menu. More than 3,000 students, university staff and guests use our services every day during the lecture period. Seen locally, nobody can hold a candle to us.

The Mensa is open

  • Monday to Friday between 11.30 and 13.30

Limited serving times for the Mensa and Cafeterias during the semester break are announced by notices.

Students pay only a small part of the operating costs in addition to the cost of goods. Salmon, eel and roast game will therefore not be found too often on the menu. Nevertheless, we are eager to serve trendy, exotic, Mediterranean or Asian dishes alongside traditional German cuisine.

What we put on the table every day can be found on our homepage, on the displays in the foyers of the dining halls and at

And there is one last thing. If you had a delicious meal with us, we would of course be happy to hear your praise. But don't spare your criticism if it wasn't according to your wishes - we won't be "snuffed", but will try to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible. At regular intervals, we conduct customer surveys to improve our menu and service.

Your contact persons

Poppe, Holger
Head of students Catering Departement
Phone:  03731 383340 03731 383340
Fax: 03731 383330
Agricolastraße 10 A, 09599 Freiberg
Weststraße 11, 09648 Mittweida
Richlofsky, Kerstin
Küchenleiterin Mensa Freiberg
Phone:  03731 383360 03731 383360
Fax: 03731 383330
Segler, André
Mensa Freiberg, Hausmeister
Phone:  03731 383370 03731 383370
Fax: 03731 383330

News & Aktuelles aus Freiberg

Herzliche Einladung an alle!


Ab 05.09.2022 startet die Selbsthilfegruppe „Gemeinsam statt einsam“.

Hier findest du die Möglichkeit für Austausch und Unterstützung, Gelegenheit zum Zuhören und Reden.

Es handelt sich um ein Unterstützungsangebot für alle, die es gerade vielleicht nicht leicht haben - aus welchen Gründen auch immer!

Die ersten Termine werden angeleitet und thematisch an deinem Bedürfnis ausgerichtet. Trau dich! Probiere es unbedingt aus!

Keine Anmeldung erforderlich!


Wo:     Alte Mensa, Musikzimmer

           Treffpunkt: Fahrstuhl Innenhof

Wann: Montag von 17.00 bis 18.30 Uhr

           Immer 14 tägig (gerade Kalenderwoche)


Zum Wintersemester 2022/23 steigt das BAföG!

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier: