Cafeteria ©Detlev Müller

Our cafeteria complements the lunch menu with a variety of delicious snacks, small snacks, coffee specialties and a large selection of drinks. With a latte macchiato, a hot chocolate or a glass of beer you can also chat in a relaxed way. With us this is desired and possible into the evening hours.

You can get a pot of coffee for only 0,99 € or a delicious Latte Macchiato for 1,25 €. And with our "specials", such as "sweet and hot at a low price", it becomes even cheaper. For only 1,50 € you get a pot of coffee or cappuccino incl. a muffin.

In summer a place at or under the sun sail is very popular. Directly in front of the cafeteria the whole area invites you to stay. Here you can talk, learn or flirt with each other. And if you want to barbecue in the evening, you can borrow the utensils, provided you let us know in advance.

Cafeteria opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 11:00 - 15:00

    Your contact persons

    Poppe, Holger
    Head of students Catering Departement
    Phone:  03731 383340 03731 383340
    Fax: 03731 383330
    Agricolastraße 10 A, 09599 Freiberg
    Weststraße 11, 09648 Mittweida
    Richlofsky, Kerstin
    Küchenleiterin Mensa Freiberg
    Phone:  03731 383360 03731 383360
    Fax: 03731 383330
    Segler, André
    Mensa Freiberg, Hausmeister
    Phone:  03731 383370 03731 383370
    Fax: 03731 383330