Use Autoload for your ID cards (student and staff ID cards) - the cashless payment method in the refectories and cafeterias that saves you queuing at the top-up machine.

It is secure, uncomplicated and ensures faster processes in the refectories. With the online card service, you don't lose track of your spending.


What is Autoload and how does it work?

Autoload is a procedure for automatically topping up student and staff cards (hereinafter referred to as the card) at the checkouts of the Studentenwerk Mensen and cafeterias. The card can be charged either by SEPA direct debit or by Paypal. If you have less than the minimum balance when paying with the card, you will be asked by the cashier whether you would like to top up your balance. If so, the top-up amount you have previously specified will be loaded onto the card and debited from your account by direct debit or charged to your Paypal account.

If you are not sure whether your account is covered, you can also refuse the top-up at the checkout and top up the minimum amount of €5 at one of the top-up counters.

For example:
you have set a minimum balance of €5 and a top-up amount of €20. By buying a meal at Mensa, you fall below the minimum credit of €5 and are then asked by the cashier if you would like to top up. If you agree, your card will automatically be topped up with the fixed top-up amount of 20 euros, which will be debited from your account by direct debit or PayPal. If you refuse, the price of the meal will be deducted from your card without a top-up.



What are the advantages of using Autoload?

The autoload procedure helps to avoid longer waiting times in the Mensen and cafeterias. It also saves you having to queue at the charging station. Autoload is cashless, secure and uncomplicated and ensures faster processes in the Mensen. In addition, you can view the history of the last 90 days in the online portal at, so you don't lose track of your spending. The online card service is only available to users of the autoload procedure.

Where can I register and what do I need to use it?

You can register for Autoload from 4 - 29 April 2022 at the Studentenwerk service points in the foyers of the Mensen, and from May 2022 in the administrative offices of the Mensen. To do this, you will need your student or staff ID and a photo ID for identity verification. You will then receive access to your personal card service. Here you can then set up the SEPA direct debit or the debit via PayPal. Our colleagues at the service points will also be happy to set up the SEPA direct debit for you - a valid EC card issued in your name is required for this.

You need your card number to use the card service. This is displayed, for example, when you hold the card up to the machine.

Where and how can I charge my card using Autoload?

The card is charged at the request of the cashier when paying if you fall below the set minimum balance. It is no longer necessary to queue at the charging station.

What is the online card service?

A password-protected online portal is available at Here you can view your transactions for the last 90 days and set the minimum balance and charging amount. You can also change your password, cancel your direct debit authorisation or block your card. You can only use this card service if you have concluded the Autoload agreement.


To use the card service, you need your card number, which is displayed when you hold your card up to the machine.

What do minimum balance and charge amount mean?

The minimum balance is the amount of money below which you will be asked at the checkout if you want to top up. The charging amount is the amount that is credited to your card balance when you top it up and collected from your account by direct debit. Both amounts are set by yourself.

Can I change the minimum balance and the charge amount?

You set the amounts for the minimum credit and the charging amount either when concluding the Autoload agreement at the service points in the Mensen or when setting them up yourself in the online portal. These amounts can be changed at any time in the online portal of the card service at

How often can I charge?

To prevent misuse, recharging is only possible once a day.

What if I have too little money in my bank account?

If a return debit note is issued after a top-up with Autoload due to an uncovered bank account, the Mensa card will be blocked because the top-up of the Mensa card from an uncovered bank account has caused debts to the Studentenwerk.

If you use Autoload with PayPal, the situation is somewhat different. PayPal will pay for you in advance. This means that the Studentenwerk receives your money and credits it to your card. In this case, you will incur debts with the payment service provider PayPal.

Block due to payment arrears - what to do?

Arrears can be paid in cash at the administration offices of the Mensen. The card will then be unblocked and can be used for Autoload again. It is possible to block a card for Autoload in case of repeated problems.

An arrearage occurs as follows: If the card is charged via Autoload, the amount will be collected from your account by direct debit after approximately three to five working days. It may happen that the bank refuses the collection for various reasons. In this case, both the user's bank and the Studentenwerk's bank will charge a return debit note fee. The chargeback is made up of the amount of the charge and the fees.

If you use Autoload in connection with PayPal, a possible payment arrears arises between PayPal and you. This cannot be settled with the Studentenwerk. You must contact PayPal as soon as possible.

What happens if I lose my card?

In case of loss of the student ID card or the Mensa card, the card holder has to block the card as soon as possible on his/her own responsibility either online at or in the Mensa administrations in order to prevent misuse by third parties. The Studentenwerk Freiberg is not liable in any case of misuse that was facilitated or caused by the loss.

What to do when returning the card?

Before returning a card, Autoload must be deactivated either at or at the Mensa administration.


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