From "Schwarzes Ross“ (Black Horse) to "Alte Mensa" (Old Mensa)

Alte Mensa

Alte Mensa ©Marcel Schlenkrich

From "Schwarzes Ross“ (Black Horse) to "Alte Mensa" (Old Mensa)

The Studentenwerk Freiberg maintains the student house "Alte Mensa" in the centre of the town, in the immediate vicinity of the Obermarkt, for the cultural support of the students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Gastronomy has been available here for over 450 years. Once used as a hotel and dance hall, it is now a cultural meeting point not only for Freiberg students additionally it is also home to the university's ceremonial hall.

Under this roof located are:

  • the department of Ausbildungsförderung (BAföG Office)
  • counceling services of the Studentenwerk
  • the student club "Klubhaus e.V."
  • as well as many student initiatives

There are various rooms available for cultural activities:

  • the student club (capacity about 250 seats)
  • the club cellar "Abgang" (capacity about 70 seats)
  • the "small stage" (about 20 seats)
  • the living room (about 20 seats)
  • the drawing studio
  • the photo studio

The ground floor and basement are run by "Klubhaus e.V.", a student club dedicated to Freiberg's cultural student life. The club hosts live concerts and lectures as well as discos, cinema, jazz and carnival.

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