General Social Counceling

Sozialberatung ©S. Hofschlaeger von

Sozialberatung ©S. Hofschlaeger von

The general social counseling is characterized by a great variety and amplitude of topics. Questions about student financing, employment during your studies or health insurance can be just as important as questions about social benefits, living or child benefits. In one or several conversations, we try to work with you to find solutions for your personal, study-related, social or economic problems.

It is free, confidential and independent of third parties. Social counseling is subject to secrecy. We advise within our capabilities:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Social benefits, ALG 2
  • Child Benefit
  • leave of Absence
  • Advice on the hardship fund of the DSW

This consultation takes place for both German and foreign students.

You can find the social counseling, as well as the psychosocial counseling of the Studentenwerk in Petersstraße 5, "Alte Mensa", 1st floor.

Until 04.12.2018 our social counselor is on vacation. For urgent inquiries, please contact Hr. Schledermann (03731 383208).


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