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Addiction counseling and treatment centers

Here you can ask for help about addiccion problems like alcohol, drugs and not substences addiccions like PC-games, use of internet or sports.


Diakonisches Werk Freiberg e. V.

Addiction counseling and treatment center

Petersstr. 44

09599 Freiberg

03731 / 482 100

E-Mail: sucht@diakoniefreiberg.de


Remote office from Flöha

Bahnhofstr. 8

09557 Flöha

03726 / 70 15 78


Remote office from Brand-Erbisdorf

Elite Gewerbepark GmbH

Dammstraße 2-4

09618 Brand-Erbisdorf

037322 / 25 05

Official and Social Psychiatric Services / Health Consultancy

Advisory support in the everyday and crisis management, including home visits, mediation with specialist and psychotherapeutic treatment, counseling and monitoring in office and government matters ...


Health Department from Mittelsachsen


Mailing address: Frauensteiner Straße 43, 09599 Freiberg

Visiting address: Am Landratsamt 3, 09648 Mittweida


Telefon: 03731 / 799 6249

E-Mail: gesundheit@landkreis-mittelsachsen.de

List of registered doctors and psychotherapists

For your search of doctors o psychotherapists that are near your place, next list can help you:

Emergency number 112

In a life-threatening situation, that requires medical help or fire situations.


Emergency number  

Telephone: 112

Police 110

In case of danger to life, assault, violence, threat or accidents.



Telephone: 110

Poison emergency call / poison information center (Erfurt)

The poison emergency or poison information centers are available for help by poisoning cases during 24 hours.

GGIZ Erfurt

Gemeinsames Giftinformationszentrum der Länder Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thüringen in Erfurt

Telephone: 03 61/730 730

Women's protection house Freiberg

For women (and their children) affected by violence or threats. The Frauenschutzhaus (Women's protection house) Freiberg offers temporary housing, protection and advice to women affected by domestic violence and stalking.


Women's protection house Freiberg

Postfach 1301

09583 Freiberg

Telephone: 03731 / 225 61

E-Mail: kontakt@frauenschutzhausfreiberg.de

“Soul worry phone” Councelling for problems

The telephone counseling centers are oppend to all kind of problems  and are available day and night, also on weekends and public holidays. This service is oppend to anyone who needs advice, old or young, whether employed, housewife, trainees or pensioners, whether Protestant, Catholic, members of another faith or any church affiliation.

There is no denominational, political or ideological pressure on the callers.

0800 1110111 (for free) oder 0800 1110222 (for free)

Hospital Freiberg

Kreiskrankenhaus Freiberg gGmbH
Donatsring 20
09599 Freiberg

Telephone: 03731 / 770

Psychiatric institute outpatient clinic from Freiberg

Psychiatrische Institutsambulanz (Psychiatric institute) Freiberg

Scheunenstraße 13 09599 Freiberg

Telephone: 03731 / 798 711


as parts of the Fachkrankenhauses Bethanien Hochweitzschen

04720 Großweitzschen OT Hochweitzschen

Telephone: 03431 / 656 0

Debt counseling

Social debt counseling it is aimed to all persons who have financial problems. It guarantees secrecy and confidentiality. Social debt counseling is based on the principle of volunteering. It promotes the personal responsibility and strengthens the help for self-help.

Counseling Center Freiberg

Forstweg 65

09599 Freiberg

Telephone: 03731 / 795 721....  -722 / -723 / -724

E-Mail: schuldnerberatung1@awofreiberg.de

Pregnancy and pregnancy conflict counseling

The employees of the Pregnancy and Pregnancy Conflict Advisory Center are the contact persons for intentional and unwanted pregnancies. They guarantee secrecy and confidentiality. This service is based on the principle of voluntariness and is free. It promotes personal responsibility and strengthens the help for self-help.


Diaconical work Freiberg of the Ev. Luth. Church of Saxony in the church district Freiberg e.V.

Pregnancy and pregnancy conflict counseling

Petersstr. 44

09599 Freiberg

Telephone: 03731 / 48 22 50

E-Mail: schwangber@diakonie-freiberg.de

Social Consultations City of Freiberg

Disability and identity card; Social and family passport; GEZ applications; Assistance with rent debt or imminent homelessness:

City council Freiberg

Office of Education, Youth and Social Affairs

Obermarkt 2409599 Freiberg

Telephone: 03731 / 273...  - 333 / - 335 / - 341

E-Mail: VBJ@Freiberg.de

German Child Protection Association Freiberg e.V.

Educational and meeting place; Parent-child classes; Meetings for single parents; Babysitter agencies; Help Fund "Families in Need"; help for families in separation etc .


"Kinderschutzbund" Freiberg e.V.

Friedeburger Str. 15

09599 Freiberg

Telephone: 03731 / 269550

Contact and information center for self-help

Network of self-help in Mittelsachsen (central Saxony):

"KISS" - Contact and information center for self-help   

Zimmerstr. 14

09648 Mittweida

Your contact person

Kindermann, Pia
Psychosoziale Beratung
Phone:  03731 383207 03731 383207
Fax: 03731 383102
Büro Psychosoziale Beratung (1. OG), Petersstraße 5, 09599 Freiberg
ODER Beratungscenter (EG), Wohnhaus 3, Am Schwanenteich 8, 09648 MW
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